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GOP Raw: The sad reality of Tuesday’s Planned Parenthood hearing

The House Oversight and Government Reform committee hearing on Tuesday was more akin to a WWE Raw fight than a federal hearing. Under the façade of answering the question: “does PP really need a federal subsidy?”, GOP Congressmen attempted to beat up on women’s rights and access to healthcare using poorly calculated, false blows to […]

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Linked-in to what works for women

Hillary joined the popular career networking site last month as a measure of solidarity with small business owners, but the move is also an example of smart strategy for women running for office. The Barbara Lee Family Foundation has researched best practices for women candidates for nearly two decades, and Hillary Clinton clearly understands their importance, too.

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Why It (Doesn’t Really) Matter that Hillary Clinton Wore Ralph Lauren

Having been a woman in the public and political spotlight for much of her adult life, Hillary Clinton is not naive enough to think her sartorial choices go unnoticed. As the New York Times’ analysis of Hillary Clinton’s choice of a Ralph Lauren suit for her first campaign rally notes, she understands that women’s clothes […]

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