Our Candidates

Statement from Barbara Lee on the 2016 Presidential Election Results

Last night’s election shocked us all. Today, we grieve and we comfort.  We can take pride in the hard work that moved us closer to putting a woman in the White House. I’ve been on a mission to change the face of leadership for almost 20 years and you have marched alongside me.  For that […]

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Donald Trump is What It Looks Like When Women Step Between Men and Power

Hillary Clinton is poised to disrupt the power dynamic that has been the norm in this country since the Founding Fathers put quill to parchment. We’ve seen what it looks like when men figuratively and literally step between women and power. There’s a simple but significant way for all of us to step between men like Donald Trump and his ascension to power. It’s at the ballot box.

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Why I’m Voting For Hillary

Hillary Clinton is supremely qualified to be our next Commander in Chief. To quote President Barack Obama’s endorsement of Clinton: “I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office.” Hillary is the only candidate with the credentials, temperament, and experience to do the job. She has the courage and commitment to stand up for all Americans, and she knows how to make real change.

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