Newsweek: “Year of the Woman? Female Candidates Could Win Big in 2018, But We’re Still Far From Parity”

“As much as people think they woke up [after President Donald Trump’s victory] to a completely different world, the truth is, our system moves relatively slowly,” Debbie Walsh, director of the Center for American Women and Politics, told Newsweek in November. “It’s important for women who are new to this process to be in it […]

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The Boston Globe: “One year later, the Women’s March is now a movement”

The depth and breadth of this activism gives me renewed hope for what lies ahead. Out of hardship has come a growing mandate for change, and the resources and resilience to achieve it. When America does finally elect a woman president, she will be much more than a symbol.

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The New York Times: “A Golden Globes Draped in Black Addresses #MeToo.”

The Hollywood establishment, convening publicly for the first time since allegations of sexual misconduct toppled Mr. Weinstein, used the Globes to insist that it would reform itself — that the harassment of women would no longer be tolerated, that the culture of silence that aided and abetted men like Mr. Weinstein was over, that women and men […]

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