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Barbara Lee Statement on Women’s History Month

“As we reflect on how far women have come on the road to equality this Women’s History Month, we must also keep pushing forward to cover the ground we have left. To reach meaningful equality, we must elect more women. At the core of the women’s movement, and any successful social movement, is a common denominator: resilience. It is perhaps the most marked characteristic of not only the women’s movement but of the group it represents—the women this month is meant to celebrate. I will continue to celebrate by asking women to run for office. I hope you’ll join me in recruiting women to run, too. That is the surest way we can write our own history.”

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Barbara Lee Endorses Katherine Clark for Congress

“Katherine Clark is a qualified and competent leader. She is the right candidate for Congress and will be a strong representative for her district,” Lee said. “I’m excited about her candidacy.”

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Barbara Lee Endorses Congressman Ed Markey for U.S. Senate

“Ed Markey is in the vanguard of men who are true advocates for women and middle-class families,” Lee said. “Congressman Markey’s stellar record as an advocate for women is proof that he will continue to be a strong voice for women in the Senate.” “Unlike his opponents, Ed Markey is in touch with Massachusetts women and middle-class families. His record proves it. He’s a leader for women’s reproductive choice, access to healthcare, protecting the environment, and marriage equality. I am proud to support his candidacy and look forward to hearing his voice—and our state’s collective voice—elevated in the United States Senate.”

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