The Boston Globe: “One year later, the Women’s March is now a movement”

The depth and breadth of this activism gives me renewed hope for what lies ahead. Out of hardship has come a growing mandate for change, and the resources and resilience to achieve it. When America does finally elect a woman president, she will be much more than a symbol.

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The New York Times: “A Golden Globes Draped in Black Addresses #MeToo.”

The Hollywood establishment, convening publicly for the first time since allegations of sexual misconduct toppled Mr. Weinstein, used the Globes to insist that it would reform itself — that the harassment of women would no longer be tolerated, that the culture of silence that aided and abetted men like Mr. Weinstein was over, that women and men […]

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Vox: “Women Defied Conventional Wisdom to Win in Droves in Tuesday’s Elections”

The 2017 elections are widely seen as a bellwether for the 2018 midterms, and the gains among women make next year’s election even more intriguing. So could 2018 be another “Year of the Woman” — a term that arose in 1992, when an unprecedented wave of women ran for federal office and were elected to […]

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