NPR: “Do Women Candidates Have An Advantage In 2018?”

“We found that, in our research, Democratic women candidates amplify traditional Democratic advantages on issues like health care and education,” said Amanda Hunter, communications director at the nonprofit Barbara Lee Family Foundation, which conducted that study. “However, they’re still weak on traditionally weak [Democratic] issues like the economy and national security.”

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Yahoo News: “On gender, candidates in the Trump era negotiate a changed landscape”

“Since Trump and his appeal to toxic masculinity, and then the response to that in the form of #MeToo, there’s been a shift,” says Erin Cassese, an associate professor of political science at West Virginia University whose research focuses on gender in politics. “People feel more strongly about what men and women should and should […]

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Newsweek: “Year of the Woman? Female Candidates Could Win Big in 2018, But We’re Still Far From Parity”

“As much as people think they woke up [after President Donald Trump’s victory] to a completely different world, the truth is, our system moves relatively slowly,” Debbie Walsh, director of the Center for American Women and Politics, told Newsweek in November. “It’s important for women who are new to this process to be in it […]

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