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WJLA: Trump’s remarks draw attention to women’s issues

Adrienne Kimmel, The Executive Director at the Barbara Lee Family Foundation said it was important for candidates to condemn Trump’s statements in order to say “that kind of extremely overt sexism” will not go unchecked but she believes condemning the comments is just scratching the surface. “Everyone’s talking about what he said … we’re not […]

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Mashable: Eleanor Roosevelt takes the lead in race to redesign $10 bill

The redesign and search for an American female historical figure has itself been a source of controversy. Some, including Hillary Clinton, have criticized the fact that whichever woman chosen will still share the bill with Hamilton. Others have pointed out that putting a woman on American currency is a great reminder of the pay gap; […]

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Boston Globe: Local donors open wallets for GOP super PACs

Boston philanthropist Barbara Lee provided about $700,000 for Clinton’s main super PAC, then topped off her largesse with an extra $100,000 to a group focused on digging up dirt on GOP candidates. Read more:Local donors open wallets for GOP super PACs

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