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Bustle: “8 Ways Female Politicians Have Stood Up To Their Male Colleagues”

Sadly, the list of incidents in which a female politician has been subjected to sexist remarks or behavior from a male colleague is dishearteningly long. However, it’s important to note that it isn’t just male politicians who direct sexist abuse at female politicians. Rather, women in politics are also attacked – often anonymously – by […]

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Boston Magazine: Barbara Lee’s “Vote” Purse

  Barbara Lee has spent the better part of the past two decades working to elect women to state and federal government. So when the founder of Barbara Lee Political Office spotted this 1960s Tolin Mfg. Co. purse—a striking vinyl number aptly emblazoned with the word “Vote”—online, she immediately bought it for her collection of […]

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Statement from Barbara Lee on the 2016 Election

Last night’s election shocked us all. Today, we grieve and we comfort. We can take pride in the hard work that moved us closer to putting a woman in the White House. I’ve been on a mission to change the face of leadership for almost 20 years and you have marched alongside me. For that […]

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