Women candidates, by the numbers:


Of women who do run for office, one-third of them report being discouraged from running. It is usually an officeholder or political party official who discourages them.


The number of times that a woman needs to be asked to run for office before she will give it serious consideration.


Women comprise only 18% of Congress.


Women are 50% less likely than men to consider running for political office.


In comparing the number of women serving in national legislatures, the U.S. ranks 73rd in the world.


Women who do run for office win at rates equal to those of men.

So ask! If you know a woman who should run for office, ask her! It might be just the encouragement that she needs to step into the race.

Check out these resources for women considering a future in politics, and pass them along to women in your life who you think should run:

Emerge America: http://www.emergeamerica.org
Women’s Campaign Forum: http://www.wcfonline.org