GoLocal Worcester: Miscues on Women’s Issues Hurting Baker’s Campaign

Women have become increasingly important to the political landscape to the point that elections are trying to cater more and more to them during election cycles.

Research by the Barbara Lee Family Foundation – a group devoted to engaging more women in politics through nonpartisan research – shows that women in Massachusetts are simply looking for a candidate that they can connect with. While many focus on the women’s issues like abortion rights and domestic abuse in appealing to women, everyday family issues like creating jobs, the economy, and education are all important issues that many women tend to look at and prioritize.

“Male candidates have to find a way to court women voters, which is a trend that we are certainly seeing,” said Erin Souza-Rezendes, Communications Director for the Barbara Lee Family Foundation. “Women are looking for a candidate that they can relate to. When you see dismissive language by male candidates, that is something that can really stick with women in a negative way.”

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