WJLA: Trump’s remarks draw attention to women’s issues

Adrienne Kimmel, The Executive Director at the Barbara Lee Family Foundation said it was important for candidates to condemn Trump’s statements in order to say “that kind of extremely overt sexism” will not go unchecked but she believes condemning the comments is just scratching the surface.

“Everyone’s talking about what he said … we’re not digging down into what candidates are really proposing in terms of policies,” Kimmel explained.

“The best way that candidates from either party can really talk about [Trumps comments], what they can really do is talk about issues that matter to women,” Kimmel explained… One reason supporters cite for backing Trump is his honesty. His ability to speak his mind is lauded by many as a refreshing change from career politicians. “You hear a lot about his honesty. Holistically women candidates have an advantage on honesty and ethics but that doesn’t get them over the finish line, yet Donald Trump is the king of honest and everyone is applauding him,” Kimmel explained.

That same tendency to speak ones mind no matter how controversial would likely sink the necessary likeability ratings of a female candidate’s campaign, Kimmel described.

“If Donald were a Diane what would this race look like?” Kimmel asked.

“He’d never be polling where he is, even with the name recognition that he has.”

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