Spotlight on Leadership:

Gov. Maggie Hassan for U.S. Senate


Gov. Maggie Hassan has established herself as a champion for New Hampshire’s families, and she will continue to fight for them at the federal level. Maggie Hassan is the qualified and dynamic leader that New Hampshire needs in the U.S. Senate. Her track record proves it.

In her second term as governor, Hassan has focused on raising New Hampshire’s middle class through bipartisan cooperation and a focus on what’s best for her constituents. Evidence of her hard work can be seen in her strides to implement her “Innovate NH” jobs plan that takes a holistic approach to building up NH’s workforce as well as her work to expand healthcare to 50,000 citizens through a bipartisan plan. Gov. Hassan’s efforts have led to NH experiencing its lowest level of unemployment in seven years. Spurred by Gov. Hassan’s dedication to work across the aisle in NH’s best interest, NH just passed a responsible budget with a $73M surplus and without any additional income or sales taxes.

Governor Maggie Hassan is confidently leading New Hampshire towards greater equality and economic well-being, and her leadership will continue to shine in the U.S. Senate.

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GOP Raw: The sad reality of Tuesday’s Planned Parenthood hearing

October 5, 2015

The House Oversight and Government Reform committee hearing on Tuesday was more akin to a WWE Raw fight than a federal hearing. Under the façade of answering the question: “does PP really need a federal subsidy?”, GOP Congressmen attempted to beat up on women’s rights and access to healthcare using poorly calculated, false blows to excite their fan base. PP President Cecile Richards deserves a title belt for her strength and grace under incredibly sexist pressure.

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Clip of the Week

New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan is running for a seat in the US Senate. Here all the amazing reasons why she’s running, and why she’s the best choice.(10/5/15)