Spotlight on Leadership:

Kate McGinty for Senate

Katie has been a consistent champion for Pennsylvania families, affordable healthcare, and the environment her entire career. When she was just 29 years old, Katie was appointed by President Clinton to serve as his special assistant for environmental and energy affairs, later chairing the White House Council on Environmental Quality, which no woman had ever led. In 2003, Katie was appointed to lead the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, a role in which she championed clean water initiatives and created jobs by growing the state’s clean energy economy. Serving until recently as Governor Tom Wolf’s chief of staff, she worked to expand the state’s Medicaid program and create a budget that invests in public education. Let’s help make Katie McGinty the first woman U.S. Senator in the history of Pennsylvania!

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Think Sarah Palin and Donald Trump Are the Same? A Gender Analysis

February 4, 2016

In January, Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump. Since then, there has been a lot of discussion about the similarities between Palin and Trump. Everyone from Rolling Stone to FiveThirtyEight to the New York Times has weighed in.

However, despite their similarities, it’s not fair to compare Palin and Trump for a simple reason: Trump isn’t being subjected to the gendered attacks Palin faced when she ran in 2008 on the Republican ticket.

It’s time to change the rules — we can’t level the playing field for women in politics without addressing the double-standards in media coverage.

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Clip of the Week

Hillary Clinton talks with Seth Meyers about the smart gun control measures she is fighting for and why gun control has historically been so difficult to achieve. (12/10/15)