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Katie McGinty

Kate McGinty

Katie McGinty is a champion for Pennsylvania families, affordable health care, and the environment. As Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s Chief of Staff, Katie worked to expand the state’s Medicaid program, and implement a budget that invests in public education. We need her combination of progressive values and pragmatic results in the Senate. Let’s help make Katie McGinty the first woman U.S. Senator in Pennsylvania’s history!

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The Donald Trump Shopping Network

By Barbara Lee
March 9, 2016

By now, we’re all used to long, rambling Trump speeches. However, his speech last night after winning the Michigan and Mississippi primaries included a new element: product placement. No matter what channel you tuned into, you had a front row seat to the Donald Trump Shopping Network.

In hindsight, the politics of masculinity displayed throughout the Republican primary race should have prepared me for a speech devoted to soothing Trump’s ego after Mitt Romney’s #NeverTrump message. Nonetheless, his rhetoric and air time continue to boggle the mind.

I have studied how women can effectively run for executive office for almost 20 years. So, every time Trump speaks, I can’t help but ask myself if his tactics would have him leading the Republican pack if he were a woman. Here are just a few of the questions I’ve been thinking about since watching the procession of Trump paraphernalia last night:

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