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THE FINE PRINT: Why I Vote for Women

AK headshot 1October 23, 2014

By Adrienne Kimmell, Executive Director

I hear it so often: “I won’t vote for a woman just because she’s a woman.”

I get it. And neither will I. But when the choice is between two qualified, competent candidates who share my values, I’ll confidently vote for the woman almost every time. Let me tell you why.

More than anything else, feminism is at the core of who I am. I grew up with two feminist parents who made equality and fairness a central piece of my upbringing – not in any obviously calculated way or because the feminist movement was in full swing when I was born in the 1970s, but because it is who they are. I saw copies of Ms. Magazine around the house before I was old enough to read them. I opted out of the gendered pastimes of ballet and cheerleading. My early jobs were in women’s health and empowerment. You get the idea.

All this to say that I may be hardwired to help women and push for their progress. But more than that, I see the results women get. When it comes to the issues that really matter to me – civil rights, pay equity, access to healthcare – I’ve seen women come through when it really counts. Casting my ballot for a woman is a personal way of saying that women represent me, and I want them speaking up for me in office.

As a woman working to elect women in my professional life, voting for women is a way to put my money where my mouth is. And as a mother to two young children, it’s a step toward ensuring that for them, women in the highest levels of leadership won’t be remarkable; it will be reality.

Normalizing women’s leadership might even mean that more women can run for office without the hyper-scrutiny of their every move, outfit, hairstyle, you name it.

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